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How to Add A New Shape to DIA

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The dia is already installed on your computer.

  1. Open the browser and go to Dia Shape Repository
  2. Download a new shape, eg Central Data Processing
  3. Extract the file to temporary folder, eg. /tmp
  4. Go to folder $HOME/.dia.

    $HOME is your home directory, eg /home/arief.

  5. Move folder /tmp/shapes/central_data_processing to $HOME/.dia/shapes
  6. Move folder /tmp/shapes/central_data_processing to $HOME/.dia/shapes
  7. Open dia
  8. Select Other sheets -> Central Data Processing
    dia - 1
  9. Open the sample file central_data_processing.dia
    dia - 2


  1. Dia Shape Repository
  2. Catalyst 2950 Series
  3. Cisco 3700 Series
  4. How to add a new shape to Dia

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